Tocci Volunteers at Mission of Deeds (MOD)


L to R: Ryan, VJ, + Caleb standing in front of white truck

Mission of Deeds (MOD), founded in 1993, provides basic home necessities, without charge, to those in need.

The organization serves men, women, and children of all ages, including veterans, disadvantaged families, the previously homeless, survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, the elderly, survivors of the fire and other disasters, and those with disabilities. Over 70 percent of the households served have children under 18, and most live at or below the federal poverty level.

Recently, Tocci employees, VJ Tocci, Caleb Fenske, and Ryan Thomson, volunteered with the organization. They spent an afternoon picking up donated furniture and bringing it to the Mission of Deeds warehouse where they store furniture for those in need. The donations and efforts of volunteers help the Mission of Deeds serve thousands of families and individuals throughout Middlesex and Essex counties.

L to R: Ryan, VJ, + Caleb standing in the entrance of a truck
L to R: Ryan, VJ, + Caleb preparing to head off on their mission!
Here is VJ’s recount of the day:

Caleb, Ryan, and I did a “Mission of Deeds” pick-up and delivery. The Mission has a brand new 26’ truck with a slick electrical deck for loading and unloading that made the move very easy. Chalk it up to “having the right tools making the project easy”. This is a very authentic organization with a wonderful “direct to need” type of service. It was an absolute pleasure working with them. The MOD people loved our team right off (I mean c’mon – how can you not? I took two of the more lovable Tocci guys with me). They also appreciated working with a professional group (hah! Fooled them too) that understood their “mission.” We operated like a well-oiled machine and finished the effort in record time gathering a full truckload of very nice furniture, that anyone would be proud to have in their home. We rescued the unused furniture from an abandoned storage container at a storage rental facility in North Reading. First class people at Mission of Deeds, it will be a pleasure to work with them again. We also discovered that Mr. Ryan Thomson is missing his calling and should be running for Mayor or Town Council at Reading. Everywhere we went he knew the people we had to transact with. Truly time well spent.

Inside the MOD warehouse: lots of wooden chairs hanging from the ceiling
Inside the MOD warehouse

Caleb said, “I had a great time working with VJ, Ryan, and the Mission of Deeds organization. It was not hard for us to join in their mission and follow their lead, as the process was systematically efficient and their mission wonderful. We were able to borrow MOD’s new box truck and our pickup route was already laid out; follow the route and pick up the goods. The Mission of Deeds organization was phenomenal to work with. They had such big hearts of service and were so very thankful for our few hours of volunteering. Serving others is one thing, but serving others with joy is another.”

To find out more about the mission and read stories of those helped by this inspiring organization click here.

various old furniture strewn across the warehouse
More of the wonderful donations to MOD