Tocci Tours Cannistraro’s Prefab Shop


elevated view of Prefab shop

One of our VDC Coordinator’s, Ashwin, was interested in the process of prefabrication due to its link with 3D modeling and coordination.

Due to our work with Cannistraro on many of our projects, we were able to set up a tour of their prefabrication shop. Last Friday, October 24th, the Tocci team headed on over to Cannistraro’s prefabrication shop in Wilmington for a tour. Val, an R + D Associate, reflects on the experience:

“The shop was like the Disney Land of pipe fabrication, a well-equipped large facility. We observed complex steam pipe racks being erected from spool sheets and large runs of MRI and condenser pipes being expertly welded. Naturally, we see a direct correlation between 3D modeling and coordination and the prefabrication of MEP systems. The proven benefits of MEP prefabrication include a compressed schedule, better quality, and greater safety for installers.

Innovative ideas flourish at the intersection of diverse experience, whether it be others’ or our own…Innovators intentionally maneuver themselves into the intersection, where diverse experience flourish and foster the discovery of new insights.

The Innovators’ DNA by Christensen, Dyer, Gregersen

The interest was to see firsthand how our decisions during modeling and coordination affect the final installation. How do we identify opportunities for fabrication? In addition, as builders how do we become more effective in managing the fabrication process? In the same way, it’s important to identify the current gaps both in process and software and try to plan our projects better. Touring the shop was a great experience that with no doubt sparks new insights into how we virtually and physically build.”

Many thanks to the Cannistraro Team, Tom Palange (Director of Marketing) for setting up the tour, and Dave Causo (Plumbing Fabrication Manager) and Ed Nabydoski (HVAC Fabrication Manager) for giving the tour! These photos were provided by Cannistraro’s Marketing Department and Xiaoxiao one of Tocci’s VDC Modelers.