Tocci Tech: Using Drones for Aerial Photography


Drone with radius circled around it, as it navigates the air from a distance

The tech industry has slowly infiltrated the construction industry in recent years.

We don’t think that it’s a bad thing, in fact, we have embraced technology in the biggest way. We have utilized technology to help visualize projects in 3D, generate quantity extraction, show site logistics and project scheduling; essentially building the project twice. We are also capable of verifying equipment installation (through barcode scanning) as well as share-to-execute punch lists in real-time.

A recent addition to the arsenal of industry technology is the use of drones for aerial photography. This has huge implications including providing site documentation, inspections, security, and project management. We had a rep come to one of our job sites to show off his drone; it drew quite a bit of attention. It’s a great concept, it’s safe, and it is also much more cost-effective than traditional aerial photography. What do you think, is it a service that will stay or is it just another fad?