Site Seeing at Tocci – Project Walk-Throughs


TOCCI's Planning and Cost Engineering team visit site for a project walkthrough. A group of people stand in a circle in discussion.

When a Request for Proposal (RFP) comes in, Tocci’s Planning + Cost Engineering team kicks into high gear.

Tammi Gott: RFPs are a collaborative effort by many departments, but the Planning + Cost Engineering (P+CE) team plays a critical role in delivering a winning proposal. P+CE evaluates the scope of the project then prepares estimates and construction schedules.

Bidders are typically invited to a walk-through of the construction site with the owner and often subcontractors. During a site visit, our cost engineers hear the owner’s vision for the project and learns project-specific requirements.

A subcontractor walk-through is usually a bit more laid back. Our Tocci team can take photos and subs may point out information/conditions to factor into a bid. The information from these walk-throughs is continually referenced throughout the life of the project. In short, it’s a huge advantage to see the actual site and be able to visualize the final structure when compiling the budget. Here’s a short list developed by P+CE on the benefits of site walk-throughs.

Primary Benefits:
1. Encourages collaboration and conversations with clients and architects that might not occur during a meeting in a conference room
2. Validates the accuracy of the drawings and observe existing conditions
3. Identifies the elements that are most important to the owners and/or subs
4. Offers the opportunity to ask questions and removes the guesswork from the bidding process

Secondary Benefits:
1. Learn who is the competition bidding on the project
2. Road trip, fresh air and time away from the desk
3. When we’re lucky, Joe Ferolito buys lunch!