Tocci Presents at the 2018 BIMForum

Tocci’s VDC Team presents on modular construction at Las Vegas forum

In late September, Tocci’s Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) department attended the 2018 BIM Forum in Las Vegas and presented about VDC’s role in modular construction.

The BIMForum is an opportunity for those in the design and construction industry to gather and discuss technological and delivery innovation and performance improvement through BIM and collaboration to ideally improve the overall AEC industry. Tocci has been an early adopter of BIM technology, and attending the BIMForum yearly is a fantastic way to collaborate with the best in the industry and share our own experience with innovative practices.

While the VDC team’s presentation dove deep into their world within modular construction, the two most significant learning objectives were:

  1. Design phase Virtual Design + Construction is critical when engaging whole building modular
  2. Tocci’s VDC professionals continue to develop into design phase leaders

If interested in hearing more about the content shared at the BIMForum, click here to read Owen’s blog.

Tocci + Modular Construction

Tocci has 20+ plus years of modular construction. Their modular experience has provided great stories of safer, cleaner, quieter, faster, more sustainable ways to build.

Tocci is currently working on Boston’s largest modular project to date. The Graphic is a unique project in Charlestown’s busy Sullivan Square. It consists of two buildings: the first is an adaptive reuse of the old Graphic Arts warehouse into 46 units of housing. The second is the construction of a modular residential building housing 125 units.

Throughout the past few months, Tocci has been traveling to conferences and events to share their knowledge about modular construction.

Over the past few years, modular design + construction has been stacking up (full pun intended) and generating some real interest across the industry. It seems like every other week, we connect with another Owner, Architect, or Contractor to talk shop and explain what this modular thing really is.

Owen Huisenga, VDC Manager