Tocci Participates in CANstruction Boston Event


various cans in a structure looking like vegetables

This month Tocci is participating in the annual Canstruction Boston event hosted by the BSA.

The structures will be on display from October 11th through the 30th. All of the cans will be donated to local food banks at the conclusion of the event. Xiaoxiao Li one of the planners, coordinators, and executors of the team provided us with some insight into the process:

“This was a total team effort! Kara Greenwald thought of the original idea for a garden; the seed had been planted and it just grew from there. Maxim Maximovitch constructed the entire model in Revit to determine the size and quantity of the various cans we needed. Plans were extracted for each level of all the vegetables that were constructed. Tammi Gott, Jessica Valadares, and Vanessa Rhoads worked extra hard to connect with the grocery stores for discounts and donations (such as Pastene and Wegmans). The team really appreciated Joe Flaherty for being so supportive by letting us use his truck, which hauled all of the cans downtown for the project. Finally, we want to thank everyone who helped out financially and/or physically; none of this would be possible without you (especially John and Lila Tocci)!”

The Tocci team who built the garden of cans (named “Can you dig it?”) included: Mark Herstein, Val Tzvetkov, Maria Schneider, Xiaoxiao Li, Marc Perella, Maxim Maximovitch, Maria Pelaggi, and Ashwin Ramesh.

Here’s a look at the build: