Tocci + Lamborghini


Mechanics at the Lamborghini factory working on assembling a car

Let’s be honest here: the similarities between the two companies are astonishing.

We both build world-class products. We both have roots in Italy. And come to find out, we both use extremely sophisticated processes to execute our work. On a recent photojournalistic tour of the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, WIRED got an up-close and personal view of how this state-of-the-art company goes about producing perfection. Here’s a short segment from the piece:

At the embryonic stage of any car, an irreconcilable disconnect can form between the creative spark of an inspired design and the real-world demands of its implementation. As a result, the Centro Stile (Style Center) at Lamborghini headquarters enabled CAD files of the Aventador to be shared between the artists (i.e., the designers) and the geeks (i.e., the engineers), ensuring the technical department could stop a design if its proportions were too wide, low or outlandish for reality.

Three-dimensional renderings were altered for different colors and lighting environments, and scale models were “printed” from those files using a device that uses lasers to cut plastic. Computational fluid-dynamic calculations were enacted to finesse aerodynamics and engine cooling, and the whole car was essentially assembled on a virtual level before it took physical form.

Sounds like what they’re saying is that they use a sort of collaborative delivery service in order to “build it the project twice.” I think we’re inclined to agree with that process.

Read on for more great photos and the rest of the story.

Header Image:
Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese
Credit: youngrobv (Permissions)