Tocci Hosts Talent Show to Support Syrian Refugees in Lebanon


Throughout the past few months, Tocci has embarked on a new charitable initiative: raising money for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

Last year, Tocci’s Project Performance Manager, Marvin Lahoud, joined the team from Mansourieh, Lebanon. Interested in hearing more about Marvin’s life back home, Tocci’s Wellness Committee asked Marvin to share his story. Marvin then told the committee the story about his church back home, Faith Baptist Church, and their efforts to help Syrian refugees within Lebanon.

Faith Baptist Church began by supporting 5 refugee families. Fast forward 5 years, and they now support over 450 families. From providing food assistance and educational programs, to free clinic services and weekly social programs, their goal has been to improve their overall quality of life.

The company wanted to help. After inquiring what was needed most, Marvin explained that the population of children with disabilities was strikingly high. So a fundraising committee was created, and a plan was made.

Efforts began with an internal kickoff Lunch + Learn. Marvin shared his story with the rest of the company, and by the end of the meeting Tocci managed to raise an incredible $7,460.

But it didn’t stop there. The committee wanted to extend this opportunity and share this cause externally amongst friends and family. A talent show seemed like the perfect event.

Tocci folks and friends volunteered to share their talents, Café Sorelli donated food, and monetary donations were collected. The show was a huge success! Through ticket sales and additional donations, Tocci raised $3,149, surpassing their original goal.

At this point collectively, the fundraising committee has raised a total of $10,609. The funds will go directly back to Faith Baptist Church in Lebanon, and will help support the entire program, providing equipment, therapists and counselors for children with disabilities in need.

Tocci is incredibly grateful to all performers, the generosity of Café Sorelli, and the donations from all who attended. Thank you for helping to make a difference.