Tocci Hosts 5th Pints for Half Pints Fundraiser


Katie from Tocci, and Mia sitting by booth for Blood Drive

As a mom of three little ones, I am constantly worried about my children’s health and well-being.

Katie Colombo: Would the medical resources be available if they ever needed help? Unfortunately, for many parents and children at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), this is a daily concern. But with the help of blood donations, this can be one less burden they have to carry.

According to BCH, more than 24,000 patients need blood transfusions at BCH each year. As part of our giving mission and in hopes of helping these young patients in need, Tocci teamed up again this year with BCH to host our fifth annual Pints for Half Pints Blood Drive. We had several people pull through as first time donors and also had many blood donor veterans come back again to donate. Altogether, our team donated 25 pints of blood that will potentially help up to 100 kids. A special thank you to those who joined us from BioProcure, as well as Nardone Electric and Manganaro Northeast, both returning for a 3rd year in a row to take part in this fantastic giving opportunity.

Didn’t join us but want to donate?

Facts about blood donation:

  • It only takes a half hour from paperwork to donation completion
  • Your one donation can help or even save the lives of several people (up to three adults or up to four children)
  • You can donate every eight weeks – six times a year – potentially helping dozens of people
  • There is no substitute for human blood
  • Every two seconds someone in the US needs blood

If you are willing and able, I encourage you to consider donating – let your health be the gift that keeps giving!