Tocci Continues Support for Boy With A Ball


Dentist examining a girl's teeth

Tocci Building Companies Continues Support of Nonprofit Organization “Boy With A Ball”

WOBURN, MA (July 8, 2015) – Tocci Building Companies (Tocci), a Boston-area construction manager and recognized leader in virtual design and construction solutions, is proud to have supported Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life + Charitable Giving, and Amy Thompson West, Director of Strategic Support, on their volunteer trip to Nicaragua. Amy and Lila traveled to assist Boy With a Ball (BWAB), a non-profit organization that improves communities by teaching young people to achieve educational goals and in turn reach out and transform their communities.

BWAB and Tocci have had a connection for several years, and we are thrilled to continue giving back to an effective organization. We remain dedicated to supporting our team in giving back both in professional and personal endeavors. We are privileged to build these extraordinary relationships and serve communities far outside our own backyard.

John Tocci, CEO of Tocci Building Companies

In their support of BWAB, Lila, and Amy traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to assist in a four-day free dental clinic. Dentists from a Kalamazoo Michigan dental practice served the residents of Barrio Morales, many of whom had never received dental care. The dentists began by assessing each patient’s oral health and level of pain to determine treatment. The dentists performed their services in a makeshift clinic on the porch of a house, utilizing a propane stove to sterilize instruments. Procedures included filling and extracting teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth. Patients left relieved yet smiling, with a tea bag to soothe pain, a toothbrush, and instructions for follow-up. Lila and Amy blogged about the experience, which can be found, along with their stunning photos, on Tocci’s blog.

Amy and I were honored to be invited to assist with this mission. It was simply extraordinary to see what this organization can accomplish, especially with the focus on developing youth leadership. Since the dental clinic this spring, the tutoring center run by BWAB college students is serving twice as many children in the Barrio. After attending the BWAB conference in Atlanta last month, I am even more committed to finding ways to help in achieving their goal to change the world one life at a time.

Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life at Tocci Building Companies

The Boy With a Ball believes that every human being matters and has the power to play an important role in their community. BWAB achieves success by building teams of volunteers that connect with people and form mentorships to help support and teach the younger generations. BWAB has effectively formed supportive and nurturing groups around the world that allow communities to grow and transform for the better.

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