TOCCI Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Statue of MLK in Washington DC, with cherry tree in bloom on the right

On January 16th we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the Civil Rights leader who urged us to work for a “Beloved Community.”

Focusing on community is a “we” first instead of “me.”  Thinking of ourselves rather than the community comes naturally to Americans.  We ask, “does this benefit/harm me?” instead of thinking about the impact on the whole, whether that’s a neighborhood, village or town.

Caring for our community is an attitude we can cultivate.

Organizations and individuals continue Dr. Martin Luther King’s work to find and implement sustainable solutions to injustice and violence in our world.  It is these solutions to systemic problems that can create the Beloved Community, where injustice ceases and love prevails.

Which all sounds lofty and wonderful.  But what can we do – what is our call to action? What useful thing can you and I do to help the community? A Day of Service. In the past TOCCI has volunteered at local non-profits like Cradles to Crayons, Habitat for Humanity, and Project Hope to name a few.

In 2023 TOCCI is showing up – we’re providing opportunities to use our time and talent to help others. Volunteering is meaningful for those who give as well as those who receive.

Together, we can strengthen ties to our communities and one other while we address critical issues that divide us.