Tocci Building Companies Supports Boston Trinity Academy Scholarship Program


A stack of book with Boston Trinity Academy logo

Tocci supports Boston Trinity Academy’s scholarship program

Education is impossible without the habitual vision of greatness.

Alfred North Whitehead

Tocci is pleased to support the scholarship program at Boston Trinity Academy, one of the few truly integrated schools in Boston and one that combines high expectations for its students with strong faculty support. BTA was established in 2002 as an academically rigorous and culturally diverse institution built upon the foundation of the Christian faith. The school provides an intellectually demanding academic experience that prepares and inspires students from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and perspectives not only to excel but also to serve the public good.

Boston Trinity Academy Mission Statement:
  • know and love every student
  • help each one to thrive as a whole person
  • challenge them with high standards of personal integrity and academic rigor
  • offer them a vision of greatness

The faculty is the heart of Boston Trinity Academy. Teachers inspire students to reason and grow as inquisitive, analytical thinkers within the classroom and beyond. Students write and re-write, read the classics, study primary sources, compete in interscholastic athletics, perform Shakespeare, and explore scientific and mathematical concepts. Furthermore, each student is engaged spiritually as well as intellectually, learning what is wise—not merely smart—and the difference between integrity and expediency.

Who our students are and will become is more important to us than what they will achieve.

Frank Guerra, Headmaster