Tocci Brings New Currency Incentive to the Workplace


assorted U.S. dollar bills, rolled up

On the Autodesk HQ project, Hanson Bridget partner Howard W. Ashcraft Jr. gave KlingStubbins, Tocci and Autodesk each 5 “IOU”s as an additional incentive to help each other out.

The three principals-in-charge exchanged them throughout the project, and the winner (KlingStubbins!) was given a case of wine from a favorite winery near Howard. In typical IPD spirit, the team shared the wine at the closeout cocktail party.

We are always trying to incorporate more of the “spirit of IPD” into our day-to-day at Tocci, so we are currently testing a similar incentive. Each month, employees will exchange “Tocci Dollars” as they help each other out with various tasks. The person with the most “Tocci Dollars” at the end of the month gets an additional vacation day! In January, we tested it out in VDC: Each member of the VDC team got 5 “Tocci Dollars”. As the team exchanged them, they endorsed them, so the path of “Tocci Dollars” could be tracked. Other than that, there were no rules for an exchange! At the end of the month, “Tocci Dollars” was totaled (excluding those that hadn’t been endorsed). Jeremy Garczynski won with 8 “Tocci Dollars”; although, George Hunt was right behind him with 6.

Before the team started up again in February, they discussed how it went and how it could be improved for February.

They decided on the following:

  • Each person will start with 10 “Tocci Dollars”
  • People will be penalized ½ “Tocci Dollar” for every undistributed “Tocci Dollar”
  • Cost Engineering and Marketing would participate as well

After February, the team will evaluate, and ideally, roll out to the entire company.