The Survivors are the Fittest


Chris Leary, Scott Simpson, and Phil Bernstein reflect on innovation in the post-recession industry

In the world of Lonely BIM, to use one of John Tocci’s terms, the recession arguably helped.” Chris Leary, AIA

Chris Leary, AIA

Many within the industry turned innovation efforts inward as a survival technique. Interestingly enough, the recession actually provided a spotlight for firms that had already mastered BIM. We reaped the benefits of internal process efficiency and quality improvements. The less proficient BIM wielders fell by the wayside.

Cost cutting across the board has had its effect, with firms of all types and sizes being forced to become more streamlined and efficient.

Scott Simpson, FAIA

Firms that survived the crisis have adapted, and that certainly is not a waste. In many ways, our internal processes are more creative, lean, and efficient.

Technology adoption continued apace but unrelated to the downturn, and now the survivors are a lot more efficient.

Phil Berstein, FAIA

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