Straight Ahead Ministries – Gifts of Hope


Paula Eremka and Tammi Gott wrap presents for boys in lockup

This holiday season, Tocci reconnected with Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM) to donate holiday gift bags to 30 young men in lockup.

SAM offers various programs and resources to juvenile offenders in detention centers, allowing them to succeed in their transition back into their communities.

Tocci’s Giving Committee is pleased to support the local community amidst the pandemic, and the Gifts of Hope fundraiser is a perfect socially distanced opportunity to spread joy throughout the holiday season. Brightening the holiday season for these young men, many of whom would not otherwise receive any gifts, is a cause Tocci employees are passionate about supporting. Hats, gloves, games, and other essentials were collected, along with movies and board games.

Tocci has been a partner of SAM since early 2016, when they donated $15,000 to their Straight2Work program. This program partners with Worcester-area employers that hire graduates of Straight Ahead’s training businesses.

Straight Ahead Ministries

Straight Ahead Ministries works with juvenile offenders to provide ongoing support and resources from their time in lock-up through their transition back to their communities. Their intensive models of engagement and leadership development include programs that offer faith and character development, job readiness training and placement, educational support and service opportunities. For more information, visit their website.

Group of TOCCI staff hold presents in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby before Straight Ahead Ministries personnel pack them up