Safety First + Safety Last at Tocci


Two construction workers wearing PPE at construction site, next to ladder

Pre-employment safety orientation training is a vital component of Tocci’s health and safety management system.

All employees working on Tocci construction sites are required to attend a site-specific safety orientation training session prior to starting work on the project. During the orientations, new employees are provided with specific job site safety information and responsibilities that they are expected to follow when working on the project. The following items are just a few examples of topics covered under the orientations:

  • Review current site-specific job site hazards applicable to employees’ work activity
  • Personal protective equipment requirements for the project
  • Drug and alcohol policy
  • Site logistic plans including access/egress areas and truck routes
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and muster point locations
  • Company Safety and Health Plan locations identified
  • Material Safety Data/Safety Data sheets locations for all on-site chemicals
  • Hot work activity requirements
  • Fuel storage requirements
  • First Aid kit locations
  • Accident and injury reporting procedures and requirements
  • Identify local hospitals and Occupational Health Clinics
  • Site parking regulations reviewed
  • Material delivery coordination
  • Housekeeping requirements including bathrooms and break areas
  • Weekly Tool Box Safety Meetings, times, and locations identified
  • Project work hours and restrictions
  • Electrical hazards and company policies
  • Fall protection hazards and company policies
  • Ladder safety
  • Procedures for confined space entry
  • Site-specific Job Hazard Analysis
  • Disciplinary action procedures including Tocci’s safety penalties policy
  • Site conduct expectations for all employees working on the project
  • Review/collect current safety training certificates and identify additional safety training requirements

At the completion of the orientation, employees are required to sign the safety orientation document stating that they understand Tocci’s safety policy and procedures and that they agree to abide by them. Site-specific numbered hard hat stickers are issued to each employee as proof that they have received orientation.

Site-specific orientations are a necessary process of introducing new, inexperienced employees to the sites, and a great tool to stress Tocci’s sincere commitment to safety prior to starting the project.