Real World Uses for Virtual Reality


man with headset using virtual reality technology

National Public Radio recently ran this cool story about using Virtual Reality to help train nuclear inspectors.

The high degree of detail that is now possible in computer-generated animation makes it possible for nuclear inspectors to practice facility management without the dangerous repercussions of making mistakes in the field.

The article reminded Tocci of a Virtual Room setup that we recently tested. As you know, we model our buildings digitally before we build them, and it is amazing how much visualization comes out of these models, but it is even more profound to actually walk through these virtual buildings in real space and size. A few weeks ago, our entire company was able to walk through and annotate in this virtual world.

The possible applications of this technology are endless. Imagine, owners, being able to walk through their high-rise office buildings and decide which lobby options make the most sense. Or potential buyers walking through condo units to choose which cabinets and carpets they wanted, or doctors and nurses walking through a new hospital wing and commenting on the efficiency of nursing stations being in different locations.  All before the building permits are issued. What a wonderful world.