Tocci does pallet wrap for Habitat for Humanity


Tocci employees at Habitat for Humanity event

Last weekend, some of us at Tocci participated in Habitat for Humanity Boston’s Orgill donation pack-up at the Boston Convention Center.

As proof of the chaotic scene where forklifts drove among novices with box cutters—the largest volunteer group, feeling unsafe, left after 45 mins. The Tocci Team was acknowledged as the resident expert ReStore salvagers – we moved with cohesion and skill.  John was a lone wolf spreading the love of Habitat around with a fistful of  ‘save’ stickers; placing them onto received items that were in need of being sorted. It was definitely a fun time.

We worked up a serious sweat, we kept moving and pushing each other and it was great fun…This is not a place for the timid.

VJ Tocci, Director of Development and Procurement

Although many people left early on, we kept on working. You would have been proud of the Tocci process as Maria led John, Lila, V.J., and Laura into a methodical, efficient pack and shrink wrap effort netting several pallets of goods for Habitat to sell at their retail store in West Roxbury. Last year selling the Orgill donations brought in $120,000–enough to build a Habitat house. A great way to house one family at a time.