One World Trade Center “Cocoons” Crews for Safety


worm's eye view of the One World Trade Center in NYC

Tishman considers workers’ safety at One World Trade Center in NYC

Dubbed a “hotel” for workers on One World Trade Center, the cocoon surrounding the concrete and steel erection is just one of a substantial list of innovative solutions Tishman has come up with to keep up with a demanding schedule (2 floors every 2 weeks) while keeping a close eye on safety:

Tishman, which reports no deaths or major injuries to date, is obsessed with worker safety. To protect crews, expected to peak at 1,500 this year, Tishman devised another first for a steel frame in New York City: A two-story, lightweight-steel traveling system, called a “cocoon,” wraps the upper limits of the frame in heavy netting and drapes nets down 16 to 20 floors. The cocoon, lifted by a crane as the steel grows, contains work platforms that hang off the steel. Ironworkers no longer have to balance on beams.

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