National Volunteer Week – Cradles to Crayons


In honor of National Volunteer Week, TOCCI volunteers teamed up with Cradles to Crayons to support local children in need.

TOCCI volunteers returned to The Giving Factory in Newton, where donations are collected, sorted, and distributed to local disadvantaged children. The TOCCI team split into two workstations: one group organized clothing by size; the other cleaned and sorted shoes and boots.

Childhood poverty is a shockingly relevant and pressing need that spoke to TOCCI’s volunteers. According to Cradles to Crayons, more than 277,000 Massachusetts children, 12 years or younger, live in low-income homes or are homeless. The average U.S. family with two adults and two children, live on less than $24,000 a year. The team was extremely motivated to support this initiative and help children acquire essentials like clothing and school supplies.

The team looks forward to their 3rd annual shelter clean-up day at Project Hope in Roxbury this May.

About Cradles to Crayons’ Giving Factory

More than 295,000 volunteers have enabled Cradles to Crayons® to serve 1.2 million children since opening in 2002. Our work to help children who are clothing insecure is fueled by the efforts of supporters and volunteers who transform our vision into a powerful community resource.