Irresponsible BIM: How to Detect and Expose “BIMWash”


A constructed building, with one side drawn in blueprint style

We honestly couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

Bilal Succar, owner and operator of the popular website BIM Thinkspace, has recently posted an extremely appropriate write-up of the rampant irresponsibility of false BIM marketing. Within the post, he references what we at Tocci commonly refer to as “Hollywood BIM”: exploiting the visual lure of BIM imagery to mask any lack of actual proficiency. Beyond just the Hollywood factor, Succar identifies many of the tricks that careless firms use to market themselves as BIM experts. A list of topics covered includes:

  • Defining BIM Wash
  • BIM Competency
  • Individual and Organizational BIM Wash
  • Other Perpetrators
  • Four Levels of BIM Wash

We thoroughly enjoyed the read and highly suggest heading over to his blog to do the same.