In One Year, VDC Will be No More


Tocci employee working on VDC project from computer

Worried that we’ve thrown in the towel on innovation?

Don’t be! Our VDC department will truly be no more but in the best way possible. We’ve had a mindset from early on in our infancy that the ultimate goal for our virtual design and construction department would be to literally ‘atomize’ and be infused with every other department that makes up Tocci. As Laura Handler reports from her blog, bim(x):

“It’s official: the countdown until the end of Tocci’s VDC department is running! About 6 months ago, we decided to explore “atomizing” our VDC department, deploying VDC staff to roles in Cost Engineering, Project Management, and Field Operations. Our team already serves hybrid roles on projects, with some functions overlapping between more traditional roles. Looking more closely at this, we determined that the only way to further integrate VDC into our process was to decentralize it. So, by June 5, 2012 (at 5 pm), our VDC department will be no more. About 80% of the team will transition to roles in the departments mentioned above; the remaining team will figure out how to maintain innovation, standards, and training in a new department (to be named later!) without becoming arbitrary or standing in the way of projects. Or maybe, everyone will transition out and we’ll figure out the rest later! More updates as the clock counts down.”