Helping to Fuel Reconstruction in the Bahamas


village in the Bahamas, next to the ocean

Usually, the Bahamas brings to mind sunshine, beaches, and palm trees—but unless you happen to be a tourist, there isn’t so much easy living since Hurricane Irene.

Andy Reinach from Alexandria Real Estate is doing what he can to change that. He’s participating in Habitat Bahama’s “Fly-In and Help Out” event by flying down his ~50-year-old, 4-seater Bonanza, loaded with 800 pounds of building supplies donated by Consigli Construction. Tocci is lending a hand by donating fuel for Andy’s mission.

The following info is from their website:

Bahamas Habitat (not affiliated with Habitat for Humanity) is a Christian organization doing extensive community development, housing renovation, and construction throughout the Bahamas.

Since the Bahamas is easily accessible by private aircraft, Bahamas Habitat partners with sponsors involved in aviation like pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation industry participants. Our bi-annual “Fly-In & Help Out” event allows pilots and aircraft owners to directly support the vital mission of the Bahamas Habitat.

In January 2010 BMH mobilized hundreds of pilot volunteers in response to the Haiti Earthquake. Our volunteers flew over 400 missions and delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of critical supplies to unreachable remote areas. Our work in Haiti and the Bahamas in 2010 was recognized by the National Aeronautic Association through their Public Benefit Flying Awards.

Participants in our programs develop as servant leaders and come away with a stronger faith and a meaningful connection to a part of God’s work. You can volunteer to fly missions for us or join a “Fly-In & Help Out” event to make the trip and see for yourself the need and potential.