DIRTTy Business | By Jovial Sanon


view of an office space with large glass walls, seen at a corner

Last month, Michael MacDonald & Kamran Nafissi, from DIRTT, presented their interior solution to the Tocci team.

DIRTT is a relative newcomer (est. Feb 2001) to the interior scene; the company manufactures and installs custom modular interior wall solutions for commercial use. The company’s name is a playful acronym for a serious solution. DIRTT, or “Do It Right This Time,” provides an adaptive, light-hearted & environmentally friendly solution to the otherwise cumbersome office spaces widely dominated by dull cubicle partitions.

Although DIRTT wall panels use a storefront approach, they are manufactured solely for interior applications, providing light and open office spaces. According to MacDonald, DIRTT panels offer a more flexible solution that is more cost-effective over time.

MacDonald and Nafassis also shared some cool ways that DIRTT panels have been used:

  • Bulletproof
  • Living wall for plants
  • Manufactured to house anything ranging from a wall bed to a fish tank to a wine cellar

DIRTT uses ICEberg, an in-house application, to facilitate layout, fabrication, and installation. Although it isn’t a truly object-oriented platform and offers minimum compatibilities with Revit, ICEberg does offer clients an interactive 3D environment to freely design and explore their distinctive spaces prior to installation.

Referring to themselves as the “DIRTTbags” of interior solutions, DIRTT’s modular interior wall systems do offer a refreshing and somewhat goofy twist to the otherwise mundane prefab demising walls.