Clean Desk Happy Boss


clean and organized desk beside window sill

Oftentimes I find myself inundated with invoices, receipts, calendars, notes, and piles of things to organize.

Although I try to make a point every Friday to clean off and organize my desk space, I sometimes find it difficult to find the time to accomplish this. I come into work on Monday and the first thing I MUST DO is organize my space. By this time, some mental notes or details necessary to that organization may have been lost. This is not productive.

I have read countless articles on how a clean and organized desk space can really boost productivity. This is why I try to stick to cleaning up my space once a week. Studies suggest that a cluttered, unorganized desk can sap your energy and make you less productive. Space organizing experts say that thinking about your desk as a cockpit can be pretty beneficial; the necessary things are at your fingertips and extraneous material either gets thrown out or organized into your desk (keyword it is organized). As I write this, I am looking at a paper cut-out figurine that rests next to my monitor and a Seattle space needle made out of legos. Is that necessary? No. Is it at my fingertips? Basically. So there are some things that I am more lenient on when it comes to organizing my space, but for the most part, I am consistent with what experts suggest.

The popular website LifeHacker has an article on setting up and organizing your desk space here. Some infographics and articles contradict one another based on profession; a creative person may require less organization than a financial advisor. The Huffington Post has a nice infographic on desk set-up here.

The Next Web encourages users to spend the money to upgrade a few key components that will definitely alter their work environment (and thus their productivity) for the better.

The benefits are both intrinsic and extrinsic, both personal and corporate. Psychologically there are ‘proven’ benefits to having a rhyme and a reason for how you keep your desk. But this might also make your coworkers enjoy working around you more and your boss might not cringe when he or she walks past your desk area (not to mention your boost in productivity will make them happy).

So I dare you to try and follow the advice of numerous studies and experts by keeping your space organized and maintained. If you are brave enough, send us a tweet or Facebook us with a photo of your ‘before’ desk space and your ‘after’ desk space. Hit us up at @TocciBuildingCo or our Facebook page!

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