Bridgeport: Another Gateway City?


streetview of Bridgeport, CT

Tocci recognizes the attractiveness of gateway cities, like Bridgeport, CT

In Massachusetts, gateway cities are thought of as those on the edge of Greater Boston, whose follies offer opportunities in terms of affordable real estate and an existing functional urban fabric. Its access to the ocean, NYC, and the northeast corridor proves extremely beneficial to those looking for big city access but can’t fit a Manhattan apartment into their budget.

Metropolis magazine did a spotlight on Bridgeport, CT and while not along I-495 (like many of our gateway cities) or even in MA, Bridgeport fits into CT’s own brand of once-forgotten, recently rediscovered small cities. Read more here.

Many ideas are floating around (including some from AIA) for the reuse of a GE/Remington facility. The old “bones” of the city provide a great foundation for potential development.

Header Image:
Bridgeport, CT
Credit: Axel Drainville (Permissions)