Boston AIDS Africa a huge success


several African children smiling and laughing

Several Tocci team members joined hundreds of volunteers to assemble World Vision caregiver kits Sat Apr 6 at Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

During the event we watched a video showing caregivers in Uganda receiving kits and dancing for joy—new supplies mean they are equipped to serve neighbors suffering from AIDS. We saw volunteers walk to distant huts, then wash and feed the sick who otherwise may die alone and abandoned.

A local author shared pages from her latest book—a story of a child dying in infancy, while another was near death from diarrhea caused by drinking dirty water, but spared when her mother carried her several miles to a clinic where she received a hydrating solution of water mixed with salt and sugar.

The event had a deep impact on our youngest Tocci team members:

I saw what children younger than myself have to suffer with every day—little things like nets can save people from contracting malaria. It made me feel good on the inside to be able to help them out.  This event made me appreciate my family, friends, and education I’m blessed to have because children and families in Africa don’t have the same opportunities.

Nicole Cappuccio

My experience saddened me and warmed my heart. The video made me understand the living conditions in Africa. I felt great knowing that all these care packages were going to help someone bring comfort to those who were at the end of their lives.

Lauryn Cappuccio