30 Stories / 360 Hours


Shanghai seen form birds eye view, with smog

Even before we started working on Park 87 Residences, we were interested in modular.

But now, we’re practically modular junkies. The latest link shared (this one courtesy of Lorrie Guthrie, our Payroll and HR Administrator) showcases a 30-story tower built in 360 hours, in the Hunan Province, China.

It is interesting (and a little surprising) to see how much modular work is being done in China these days. When John Tocci presented in Beijing¬†and Shanghai¬†in 2010, there was little interest in the efficiency gains related to prefabrication, due to the scale of the available workforce. However, they may be appreciating the reduction in construction waste as well as the improvement in quality. Most of the prefab buildings (at least the ones we’re hearing about) are significantly earthquake-resistant and energy efficient.