2023 Construction Safety Week Recap


TOCCI employees in attendance at the 1515 Construction Safety Week event at BMC

We kicked off safety week on May 1st and gathered as a company in person and virtually to discuss TOCCI’s commitment to safety.

The meeting, led by John Tocci, went in depth explaining the ways TOCCI supports our employees and trade partners in taking the time to get it right when it comes to safety. We want people to be involved, speak up, and take action when it comes to safety. John emphasized the line where it describes ensuring everyone goes home safely – in the same or better condition than when they arrived.

Matt Chasse echoed John’s message and invited input and feedback from all of our employees on how things can be made safer and better. It is important to hear from others, especially those in the field who see the operations on a daily basis because it helps us refine our approach to safety and foster continuous improvement.

Matt was also asked about safety improvements TOCCI has made in the last year. One thing, in particular, was the move from hard hats to helmets. Hard hats have been a fixture in construction protecting the wearer’s head against falling objects but they come up short when the wearer falls, slips or trips as typical hard hats will fall off leaving the person unprotected. TOCCI’s move to helmet raised the bar on safety for TOCCI employees as these protect against head injury falling objects and low-level (below 6 feet) falls such as slips, trips, small ladders, etc. The key is for the helmet to be worn correctly with the chin strap clicked in place.

We held two events at our job sites. TOCCI was joined by a wide range of people, including the tradesmen and tradeswomen who work on our projects, executives, and CEOs of our trade partners, and representatives from the owner and architects. We heard from some of our Foremen on site who answered questions about some challenges on-site with safety and how they help their crew stay safe.

Sometimes people get out of sync when they’re tired, especially if it’s after lunch time. At times like these, you have to take a moment to stop everyone and say, alright, everybody get back on track and on the same page.  

Matt Cushing, 1515 Panelist