Work + Wellness + Fun = Company Life


Tocci employees make terrariums

When our workdays get busy, it can be hard to integrate health and recreational activities into our work life.

The Marketing department reached out to our Director of Company Life, Lila Tocci, to find out what she has been doing to help integrate health into the workplace and how Tocci makes it successful.

In some respects my goal to ‘guide company life to promote a culture that drives operational excellence’ is just a matter of keeping up with great ideas – other people’s, not mine. Tocci associates come to me with ideas for more exercise, healthier eating, and reducing stress. Ideas include getting together on a Friday night for a paint party or Jillian’s for billiards to on the job efforts like LeanBox’s healthy, locally sourced foods. We have a gardening team that decided we needed another raised bed so people new to the soil can plan, plant and learn to tell weeds from vegetables.

The best part of my job is helping ideas happen – this makes Tocci a place of community – not based on special events but on the bright and energized people here. What we do is born out of who we are.

Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life at Tocci Building Companies

Here is a selection of Company Life Events and Initiatives taking place at Tocci:

Tocci invited P.U.I., a local paint night organization, to the office on a Friday night for a fun time of painting and socializing. Many attendees had never been to one or were dubious about how fun it could be. Quickly though, everyone got into the whole process and really became invested in the outcome. We had both employees and family members join in on the fun. Turns out everyone has an artistic side to them that some like to keep hidden. We turned the office halls into a temporary art gallery, by displaying the final masterpieces over the photos.

Tocci employees partake in Paint Night
Tocci Paint Night

Tocci has been partnering with Unleashed Fitness of Woburn for the last nine months to bring fitness to the workplace. Every Monday UFit trainer Kerry comes to Tocci and instructs a group of 10-15 employees to complete a strength-building workout. They’re tough but exceptionally motivating. Working out with a group helps everyone to stay accountable; when you miss a workout everyone’s asking “where were you?”.

Tocci employees partake in UFit program
UFit Program

Tocci recently added a sixth bed to the ever-growing garden located across the parking lot. We’ve planted all of our veggies, fruits, and herbs for the season. Once a week the gardeners get together to maintain the plants and the beds. When the veggies and fruits are ready to harvest, we pick them and bring them into the kitchen to share with everyone in the company. Occasionally we will make dishes such as salads for everyone to try.

Tocci employees partake in gardening
Planting the Garden

Recently three of Tocci’s employees, VJ, Caleb, and Ryan, volunteered with Mission of Deeds. They drove the moving truck to a local storage unit where they loaded mostly furniture into the truck. Once full, they brought the truck back to Mission of Deeds where the furniture was unloaded into their warehouse.

Tocci employees volunteer for Mission of Deeds
Volunteering with Mission of Deeds

Each month Tocci’s Health and Wellness Committee organizes an activity to take place on a Friday during lunch. Previous initiatives included slow reading, a Lunch + Learn with Matt Ibrahim, and a barre class. Most recently a group of employees carpooled over to Horn Pond to walk the trail around it. The walk was about 2.5 miles and it gave those who went the opportunity to stretch their legs, get outside, and chat with others they don’t sit with.

Google Maps view of Horn Pond
Walk around Horn Pond