Where are all of Tocci’s VDC employees?


guest speaker talking from behind podium

It’s been a quiet week in our home office, with a good majority of the VDC department attending the BIMForum in Chicago.

“Where Does Design End and Construction Begin?” is this year’s theme, which will take a look at how BIM is merging these project stages into one another, making them less independently identifiable.

Our team is enjoying presentations from integral industry members like James Timberlake, a partner at the internationally renowned Kieran Timberlake architecture firm. Timberlake is the keynote speaker, and will be addressing: the inherent hesitations of architects and builders to cross into each other’s areas of influence and control, as well as encourage industry professionals to embrace processes, tools, and most importantly attitudes and choices that can enable deep collaboration across the design-to-construction continuum.

We’re looking forward to hearing all about it when they come back later this week.