VDC for the Customer


Tocci construction workers at Natick site

Tocci’s Crate and Barrel project at Natick Collection is well underway

Half of the new two-story modernist design store extends into the existing parking lot and half takes over space from former tenants and their interior frontage. This configuration provided an irresistible opportunity for Tocci’s graphics staff to use our advanced VDC capabilities for a purely artistic marketing experiment. Of course!

Our designer posed the thought that the large, temporary barrier wall to be erected at the future storefront location to protect mall customers from the ongoing construction was really a canvas for an exciting interactive customer display.

Tocci took views directly from the Building Information Model (BIM), as seen at eye level. We hid the outside walls and exported an image that reveals an accurate view of what they’ll see in a few months. From there Tocci, working in collaboration with Crate and Barrel’s own great graphics staff, added interesting construction statistics such as exact steel tonnage and cubic footage of concrete and so on. And voila! – a blank plywood wall is transformed into an attractive and educational event and a window for loyal and future customers into a small part of the effort that goes into bringing their new Crate and Barrel store to life.

Head over to the Natick Mall in May and see the banner installed!