Tocci’s Response to the Beirut Explosion


Since we are a small company, when one of us suffers, we all feel the pain. 

Sally AkikiZeina Habib and Marvin Lahoud, all Lebanese, work at Tocci and their beloved country is in shambles.

Two weeks ago explosions in Beirut killed almost 200, injured 6,000 and left 300,000 homeless. Horrifying images show twisted steel, crumpled buildings, and streets littered with glass. Touching stories of heroism and rescue reveal the spirit of Lebanon.

Clean up continues, most of it by average citizens and NGOs (non-governmental agencies).

A corrupt and impotent government has resigned, but there is much work to be done. For years an economic crisis has gripped Lebanon resulting in uncontrolled inflation and spiraling prices for food staples.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lebanese people and especially with our Lebanese colleagues. As a company Tocci is matching employee donations to trustworthy charitable organizations that will provide immediate relief as well as long term assistance. Our goal is to help 100 families with Relief Aid and 50 families with Development Aid (for rebuilding lives after the crisis). We invite you, our partners, to join our efforts.

Marvin identified two organizations he and his wife have had a long-standing relationship with:

  1. Merath
  2. Tahaddi

Many organizations are providing relief in Beirut with food, water, and staples. If you’d rather give to a larger NGO, we suggest these since this is also a time of scamming.

  • World Vision Lebanon: Find it here
  • The Lebanese Red Cross: Find it here.
  • Impact Lebanon: crowdfunding site JustGiving. Find it here.
  • Other local NGOs: a crowd-sourced list of additional local groups and resources on Find it here.
  • Humanity & Inclusion: rehabilitation services to help victims of the explosion. Find it here.