Tocci’s Growing Garden


Tammi and Katie tending to the Tocci garden

The Tocci garden crew is at it again.

Starting in May, the crew began turning over the garden beds and mapping out where to plant the different veggies, fruits, and herbs. It was a rough winter but we had a few hearty plants make it through; both the rhubarb and chives are thriving.

This year we added a sixth bed to the garden to be able to plant larger veggies that need lots of room like eggplant, zucchini, and eventually pumpkin. Currently, we have some little critters munching on the fruits of our strawberry patch. We will have to wait and see if we can harvest enough to make a pie. Not only does the garden provide us with food to eat but it is also a therapeutic tool.

Many find it relaxing to take a walk outside at lunch and look over the beds to pick out any weeds or grass sprouts. We are all very much looking forward to harvesting our garden throughout the summer and plan to make edible treats for everyone to try.