Tocci’s Architectural Commentary – 1, 5, 10 Years From Now

Pierce Reynolds from Tocci’s VDC department comments on future trends.

In its January issue Metropolis asked leaders in the field how building trends will develop one, five, and ten years from now – hence, “The 1-5-10 Issue.” Preservation topped a list that I hope is in order of importance. Metropolis focused on “green retrofitting” and, citing New Orleans, ways of documenting buildings before they need preservation.

The article is more about the practical application of existing technology than techno-fantasy. One year from now: LSU will use a truck-mounted camera with GPS to document historic buildings. Five years: The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training wants to revive dying preservation trades. And ten years: preservation robots? Well, no. Robert Middlebrooks of Autodesk says laser scan imaging, “will become what people will be using.” Q5 and Tocci have personally used it on a number of projects already.

Preservation, conversion, and reuse are vitally important to the future of the industry. I really hope it is more than a recession-inspired fad.