Tocci Pulling Ahead at The Graphic

Winter conditions don’t stop Tocci’s progress on this 2-building residential development in Charlestown.

Building A, a 100-year-old, former print manufacturing facility, will house 45 apartments. Building B, a one-story printing warehouse, will be replaced by a four-story modular apartment building with a structural steel podium slab on deck with open parking below. We spoke with Tocci Field Engineer Brian Wyer to get the scoop:

The Graphic is progressing both indoors in Building A and outdoors where Building B will be located. Building A has framing going in from the third floor moving downward with mechanical work following. The masons are completing their elevator and stair shafts as the roofer is close to finalizing the new roof.

Building B has Tocci’s site work contractor digging trench with the crews of Marguerite Concrete in tow, placing the building’s footing and high-wall. In the photograph below you can see Building B’s footprint with the high wall in progress.