Tocci, KlingStubbins, and Autodesk Co-locate for IPD Project


different roles in IPD project

KlingStubbins and Autodesk are in the midst of the design phase of the Autodesk AEC headquarters, located in Waltham MA.

Both the project constraints and IPD contract require team members to work closely, so all parties have made a commitment to co-locate. Co-location refers to spending time in each other’s offices, physically working in the same space.

During the current phase (design), the team is co-locating in KlingStubbin’s Cambridge office. Permanent desks and workstations have been set up at KlingStubbins for team members from Tocci and Autodesk; a collaboration space has been created, so that the engineers and subcontractors can work together, designing and coordinating in real time. Since the beginning of the project, Laura Handler, from Tocci, has been working at KlingStubbins two days per week to facilitate a consistent level of collaboration.

Co-locating has facilitated the highest level of coordination for the project. As KlingStubbins develops and works out the design for specific components and areas, the construction team is right there supplying information on costing and constructability. The team is able to work together, all parties informed of constraints and design intent. Certain components of the building are requiring more collaboration than others, specifically the complex millwork ceiling, located in the lobby and Customer Briefing Center, and the HVAC system.

Below are some pictures from this week’s collaboration!