Tocci Interns: Growing + Learning


black and white photos of 4 Tocci employees

At Tocci, we take the internship program seriously.

We’re not that far removed from the days when we were interns ourselves. We wanted to be challenged—taught and trained—and respected. All internships have rough patches and tedious tasks, but we were thrilled when employers took extra time to mentor us and disappointed when we were stuck in a corner.

To make meaningful connections with our talented interns Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life and Corporate Giving, and Joanne Castner, Marketing Associate, encouraged them to participate in various opportunities—some companywide, others intern-only—starting with a dinner at the Tocci home to discuss their past experiences and hopes for the future.

When interns first started, they were invited to introduce themselves and share some of their backgrounds at the Tocci Staff Meeting. They were also invited to participate in Giving Opportunities like furniture donation pick-ups with Mission of Deeds and a Habitat Build in Lawrence. Our interns took full advantage of joining in on the recent company life events such as Bingo Night, the Wellness BBQ with bocce ball, and the East v. West Tocci Company Softball game. Interns who are working in the office visited job sites where field interns are assisting on projects including Waltham Landing and Brookside Square in West Concord.

Working studiously at the Resume Workshop

As a way to help our interns prepare for their future endeavors, Tocci held a Resume Workshop led by Andrew Brown, Operations Intern and a senior at Syracuse University. Andrew was asked to lead the workshop attended by his peers due to his very well-written and clearly organized resume. On July 31st we’ll host an Intern Appreciation Lunch where each intern will present a summary of their experience working at Tocci this summer and we’ll thank them for their individual contributions.

Reflections on Intern Experience:

Andrew leading the Resume Workshop
From Andrew Brown (Operations Intern):

“Facilitating the Intern Resume Workshop for my peers was a great experience and I believe we achieved the goals laid out in the workshop. It is always beneficial to share your experiences and expertise with your colleagues to give them the knowledge to better themselves. As a byproduct, I was able to further develop myself to be a better speaker and adapt to a range of audiences; something you can never be too good at. Teaching your peers is challenging,, to say the least. This workshop was beneficial to all involved so I would be ready and willing to do it again. This unique experience of facilitating a workshop added to my internship experience by making me feel like I’m a valued resource, not just an intern. This internship is more than just about gaining experience in the industry it is also about being a part of an organization that values each of its members which has made this internship really stand out for me.”

Joe explaining the progress at Waltham Landing
From Joe Flanagan (Field Intern – Waltham Landing):

“My time as an intern on the Waltham Landing site has given me the opportunity to learn about construction from first-hand experience. I was lucky to have begun my internship when the building was in the process of being framed. While I have been on site, I assisted with the completion of framing, all MEP work, roofing, siding, window and door installations, drywall, and insulation. It was a great learning experience to see almost every trade in action. Some of the tasks I helped with in the construction process included clarifying plans to subcontractors, creating punch lists, attending owner and subcontractor meetings, learning about and enforcing on-site safety, and much, much more. Being part of the construction process throughout my internship was very rewarding. At the end of each day, I was able to see how my involvement was reflected in the progress of the project. The time I spent on the Waltham Landing site really allowed me to gain valuable experience that can’t be found in a classroom and I appreciate everything everyone at Tocci has done to give me such a positive experience.”

Pierrette going over plans with Maria, an APM
From Pierrette Iradukunda (Operations Intern):

“I temporarily moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to be an intern at Tocci for the Summer. It was quite an adjustment at first that turned into a great experience. This was my first internship, so there was a lot to learn. I find that’s the best part of an internship; I have enjoyed learning a lot about operations and project management, confirming my decision to pursue construction management. I have learned to create a variety of documents using Prolog, process change order requests, RFI’s, and submittals. I have really enjoyed being a part of the company life and giving activities such as the Habitat Build and the Tocci BBQ. I especially enjoyed learning new and helpful tips to improve my resume at the Intern Resume Workshop led by Andrew one of my fellow interns. Now, I can’t wait to finish my studies and begin my career.”

Ryan and Katie priming walls at the Habitat Build in Lawrence
From Ryan Thomson (Cost Engineering Intern):

“As an intern, being able to partake in a wide variety of culture and company life events allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what Tocci is all about. Through the opportunities to volunteer at Mission of Deeds and Habitat for Humanity, I learned how important giving back to the community and non-profit work is at Tocci. As giving back to the community is very important to me, working at a company where volunteering is highly encouraged has been a great match that has led to a very rewarding and gratifying experience. Other events such as the company softball game and intern dinner have allowed me to get to know Tocci employees on a more personal level and made it easier to integrate into the company’s lifestyle. Taking part in such a wide variety of events at Tocci has made for a well-rounded, rewarding, and overall great internship.”

Ryan Smith, Field Intern, assisting on the site walkthrough at Brookside Square
From Ryan Smith (Field Intern – Brookside Square):

“As a field operations intern, you are exposed to many different aspects of the construction industry. Working in the field gives you knowledge that you can’t learn anywhere else. You learn not only the technical aspects of the building process by working directly with subcontractors to ensure proper materials and methods are used but also, about how to become a competent communicator to efficiently manage a multitude of different subcontractors and tradesmen. It’s a very interesting experience because it encompasses so many different skills that you need to be a competent construction manager and professional in the building industry.”