Tocci Gets the Scoop at 88 Wareham Street


CAT excavator at construction site

This week we checked in on one of our local projects: 88 Wareham Street

Located in the South End of Boston, this residential project will boast an automated parking system. We spoke with the project team to learn more about it:

The 7,300 square foot parking space will hold 45 vehicles at full capacity. This system is approximately 60% more efficient than a standard parking garage, making this a pretty slick system.

A self automated parking system- that sounds pretty complex. Let’s break it down.

  1. The driver parks on a platform and exits their car
  2. Using a special coded pass card, the driver engages the elevator platform, bringing the car down to the basement and to its designated parking spot
  3. When the driver returns, they request their car similarly to a valet
  4. The car does the reverse commute up the lift to the platform and back to the surface where the driver waits

Now let’s check in on the latest progress onsite. Superintendent, John Adams, gave us the scoop:

The sheet pilings that support the foundation walls in the basement have been completed. We also completed the pressure treated timber piles that assist with building support. Excavation has begun as we start to install the site utilities and excavate the basement. The concrete foundation walls and slab work is projected to start mid October. The structural steel installation will follow in December.