TOCCI Completes Renovations at Boston Medical Center’s Crosstown Building

TOCCI Completes Major Renovations to Boston Medical Center Crosstown Building  

Following the completion of the Crosstown pharmacy, TOCCI recently delivered Boston Medical Center’s Crosstown 1 clinical unit, a 25,000-sf space adjacent to the active building lobby.  This project is the culmination of a 6-year, multi-phased IPD project throughout the majority of the Crosstown building. 

Sleek glass storefronts of the Crosstown 1 Clinics flank the seven-story building’s central hub. The floor now serves BMC’s patients with a radiology unit, a mammography unit, an outpatient behavioral health clinic, a phlebotomy lab, and a refugee clinic. The behavioral health clinic has over 35 exam and consultation rooms, a research department, and group therapy rooms.

The spaces were previously occupied by retail, office, and food-service tenants with complex infrastructures to house commercial mechanical and refrigeration equipment. TOCCI completed extensive under-slab scans to locate existing drain lines for subsequent underground trenching and plumbing. The team cut an 11-inch structural indoor slab to connect plumbing lines. KI modular walls were installed throughout – partitions made from materials fitting infectious control and sterile surfaces requirements in healthcare facilities.

TOCCI coordinated closely with BMC to mitigate disruptions to end users within the busy facility; this ranged from material handling to noise control. The building houses a sleep lab, and it was essential to be conscious of noise levels – the team even used sound testing meters to ensure proper acoustic containment.

This marks the completion of a collaborative project between BMC, CMTA, Tsoi Kobus Design, the Boston Building Trades, and TOCCI. The idea of reducing waste, conflict, latency – and being able to solve problems in real time as they arise with specific points of contact and achieving flow between the IPD team.

TOCCI has also worked on renovations to the sixth floor Cognitive Behavior Therapyfifth floor Primary Care Clinic  and seventh floor Pediatrics Clinic of the 514-bed academic Crosstown medical center.