Tocci and The S/L/A/M Collaborative Map Project Manual for Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion


layout of systems coordination diagram

A key component in the setup for an IPD project is the joint development of a Project Manual, which defines how the team will achieve the project goals.

The Project Manual includes the Communication Plan, Project Execution Plan, and BIM Execution Plan. The IPD team for Marlborough Hospital’s new Cancer Pavilion is currently in the process of refining our BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to determine how we want to use BIM on the project, and the protocols and standards required to meet those goals. Our overarching goal is to leverage the BIM toward a more efficient design and delivery process.

Earlier this month, Tocci coordinated a laser scan of the existing hospital; that data will be integrated into the BIM to support coordination of the addition and future BIM Uses that require tie-in to GIS. The team plans on using Robotic Total Station for concrete, wall partition, and RCP hanger layout to expedite the construction schedule and increase accuracy.

The team will make use of the BIM during the design process as well; The S/L/A/M Collaborative uses it to analyze and communicate design intent while Tocci extracts data to provide iterative price validation and constructability analysis. The team has mapped an overview of this workflow (see the featured image).

As more content is developed in the BIM, the team will use the BIM for basic coordination (i.e. clash detection) as well as more advanced analysis (i.e. code and clearance analysis). As subcontractors are brought on the team, they will contribute to the modeling process; developing fabrication models that will be fully coordinated and then used to fabricate and execute work.