The Freeze Doesn’t Slow Forest City Stratford Development


snow-covered construction site

Forest City’s Transit Oriented Residential Development in Stratford, CT is going vertical – we just started framing the 128-unit project.

Until a stretch of freezing weather in January, the project was tracking slightly ahead of schedule. After 3 of 5 building foundations were installed, the team waited for a break in the weather.

With temperatures above freezing for the first time in almost two weeks, the slab on grade was placed on February 1. The team used cold weather protection methods to allow slab placement and subsequent framing. Initially, the slab was protected using a ground heater and double layers of insulating blankets. Special attention was taken to the slab edges to prevent the wind from uncovering the slab and exposing it to frost.

The cold weather protection methods used by the team have kept it ahead of schedule.