The Final Push at Autodesk


3 construction workers in hard hats overlooking blueprints

Autodesk AEC HQ project nears completion.

As our Autodesk AEC HQ project nears completion (it is scheduled to be turned over to Autodesk Inc. this week), Tocci has been working overtime for the final push to meet the aggressive schedule. We are working two shifts daily, and occasionally a third shift through the night for some of the larger activities, such as concrete floor finishing and the installation of large wood ceilings and millwork.

As the first Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project in New England, this undertaking has been unique from the beginning. However, as the project winds down and everyone is under the pressure of the last few days, there has been example after example of just how deep and transformative this new process has been, and illustration after illustration of how truly integrated building can be when all parties are working for the common good. Here are just a few:

  • To expedite work on this extremely tight schedule and to aid the Lean construction process, Tocci has been providing the cleanup for the majority of the project
  • Union and non-union subcontractors have been working together side by side
  • Some of our base contractors, such as food service, are providing miscellaneous metal items
  • One of the siding subcontractors is bending custom window blind pockets
  • Our millwork contractor is providing glass panels for glass doors since he was already ordering the glass for the reception desk
  • Tocci provided all concrete coring for subcontractors to expedite the process quickly and efficiently

Necessity breeds innovation, and as you can see, the distinctive IPD contract provides an environment where everyone is willing to pitch in for the good of the project. Tocci has seen all the best aspects of the construction process come together on this job and we now advocate for an IPD contract whenever possible.