Integrating GIS in Tocci’s BIM Toolbox

Smart Asset Management Solution: GIS and BIM Integration In a great turn for Tocci’s... Read More [+]

Adding to Tocci’s Technology Toolbox

This spring, the Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) team has been exploring new software... Read More [+]

VDC + Modular: Construction Phase

Last week, Owen (Tocci’s Virtual Design & Construction Manager) wrote about Tocci VDC’s presentation... Read More [+]

VDC Process Improvement

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You Have to Love It

I am an unlicensed architect working for a construction management company. Or, am I... Read More [+]

The Value of VDC to Our Projects

Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) Trained in both architectural design and various construction technologies,... Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project