Reading Your Way to Calm


An African American woman reading a book by window sill

At Tocci, we have an event on the First Friday of every month that focuses on Wellness.

Our program has three aspects: eat better, exercise more, and stress less. In our media and gadget culture we are always on and these devices ”fracture our attention” according to Wall Street Reporter Jeanne Whalen. For more on her article, follow this link or search for Slow Reading. To help Lessen the Stressin’ of the holidays, on December 12 we’re taking lunch to try some Slow Reading.

We’ll put soft seating in the conference room, grab a book and mug of soup, and read the old-fashioned way, one line at a time from left to right. None of the “F” pattern reading for us happens when scanning web pages and you read the first line of text, but just half of the next few lines, then drop down the left side of the page. We will be reading for enjoyment and when something strikes us, we’ll jot down a note (with old-school pen and paper).

In addition to reducing stress, we’ll see what else Slow Reading does for us. Studies show it:

  • Enriches vocabulary
  • Enhances comprehension, particularly of complex material
  • Heightens concentration
  • Improves listening skills
  • Deepens empathy and provides pleasure
  • Slows memory loss

Want to try it? Shut off and put away all of your electronics then dedicate at least 30 to 45 minutes to reading, anything less doesn’t allow you to lose yourself in it. Enjoy + Happy Reading!