Project Update: Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion

Millwork ceiling detail at Autodesk headquarters

Tocci uses each project to create and refine workflows.

We are using Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion to build upon the workflow we originally developed for the millwork ceiling on Autodesk.

The combination of IPD and BIM links together project participants who would not normally speak to each other during the design phase. Last week, Tocci & SLAM sat down with a millworker who has previously worked well with Tocci on direct-from-model fabrication. We discussed potential workflows, such as how Tocci & SLAM can work together to define the design intent in the BIM by modeling materials, reveals, shapes, and locations of cable raceways and grommets. This information can be captured by the millworker and exported to fabrication-specific software.

This high-level conversation emphasizes what kind of detailing the millworker can provide, what the architect is looking for, etc. With this, architects spend less time reviewing shop drawings and detailing items that may be built differently. In turn, Tocci can keep tabs on the design, make sure it stays on budget, and enable it to arrive on schedule.