Kevin Leonard and Joe Ferolito Celebrate 30 Years at TOCCI


Two images - Kevin Leonard receiving plaque from John Tocci on left, and Joe Ferolito receiving 30th anniversary plaque from John Tocci on right

Kevin and Joe celebrate 30 years with TOCCI!

We congratulate them for their dedication to TOCCI and appreciate the life, culture, and craftsmanship they’ve brought to our company.

Kevin Leonard, Special Projects Super + QA/QC

From his first days with TOCCI, Kevin was ambitious – he advanced from masonry and carpentry to finish trades and warranty management. We appreciate his attention to detail and ability to please owners, as well as applaud him for his successes as a special projects superintendent.

Back in the day, when a door needed fixing or a job taken on (or down), he was the one to call. His work ethic and ability to solve problems make him invaluable. Regardless of how deeply TOCCI dives into technology, we still need hands-on work performed, tools organized, and materials located.

He recently completed work with 3 Victorian homes renovated into student suites for Worcester Polytechnic, and is now running an ante-natal project at Boston Medical Center.

Joe Ferolito, VP of Planning + Cost Engineering

John Tocci likens Joe to a “clutch player,” who does what seems impossible in the nick of time.

“Joe is confident – especially in his estimating team’s abilities – and composed while delivering in time-sensitive situations”, John Tocci, CEO, remarks. Joe leads the cost engineering team and administers project purchasing. He develops material and system alternates to meet budget while preserving design intent.

Currently Joe Ferolito is involved at 1515 Commonwealth Avenue, a 2-building residential development in Brighton, MA. His recent efforts also led to the award of Great Wolf Lodge Resorts in Fitchburg, MA – an all-suite hotel and retail space.

Joe should be the honorary Company Life mascot because he galvanizes people – Friday bagels, summer clam dinner, cornhole tournaments… he has a generous heart; for Joe, the joy is in sharing.

Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life

At Abbott Mill, I shot the breeze with the owner while Joe drew up an estimate literally on the back of drawings… and came within 5% of the number. I’ve seen him do it several times before and since… that’s who he is.

VJ Tocci, Director of Procurement + Subcontractor Relations

Joe Ferolito and Kevin Leonard represent the true strength and soul of TOCCI. Beyond the people you attract is the quality of the people you keep.

Fun Fact: Joe loves theatre and live performances. Kevin adores musicals.