Chuck Eastman Stresses Safety of BIM


construction worker walking bent forward

Safety on the job site is a sentiment echoed throughout the construction industry.

We see safety messages plastered all over construction zones and anywhere people in hard hats can be found. There are some people, such as Chuck Eastman of Georgia Tech, that believe construction safety considerations can begin far before breaking ground. Job safety can start in the BIM. While giving a presentation in Finland this past week, Chuck discussed a new safety plugin for Tekla, developed at Georgia Tech, that will have the capability to model holes, edges, slabs, and barriers to make the construction process exponentially safer in future buildings.

This type of workflow is similar to what we’ve been exploring in-house for BIM safety on our own projects. Hopefully, this idea will not only spread throughout the industry but become second nature in the preconstruction process. This will definitely take “safety first” to a whole new level.