The Top 4 Killers

Anyone who has sat through one of my safety training classes or weekly safety... Read More [+]

The Scoop: Tocci Safety Week

Although safety is a constant priority for Tocci (we have won safety awards for... Read More [+]

What about Historic Tax Credits?

Last month, Taya Dixon, Senior Consultant for Epsilon Associates, shared the intricacies of Historic... Read More [+]

Tocci Hosts Young Professionals Event

On May 2nd Tocci Building Companies was privileged to host the first Young Professionals... Read More [+]

Yale School of Architecture’s Building Systems Integration Course

VDC Manager, Pierce Reynoldson, discusses his work with Yale School of Design’s spring course... Read More [+]

Top Tips to Outsmart Water

Water can have a devastating effect on buildings; the smallest misstep when installing waterproofing... Read More [+]

Tufts BIM Symposium

Tocci recently held a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Symposium for Tufts University in Tocci’s... Read More [+]

Even BIM101 Training Provokes In-Depth Conversation!

Last night, Tocci kicked off a year-long internal BIM training program with Session of... Read More [+]

Lessons in Lean Project Delivery

Earlier this year, Jennifer Heikkinen, Senior PM, attended a 2 day seminar on Lean... Read More [+]

Architectural Education Session 8: guest lecturer Phil Bernstein

Last week for our architectural training we had a special guest lecturer: Phil Bernstein,... Read More [+]

Architectural Education Session 7

Last week during our architectural training we finished off 19th century industrialization, by way... Read More [+]

Architecture Education Session 6: Beaux-Arts

Last week during our architectural education series we moved into the Industrial period. Beginning... Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project