The Scoop: Bud’s 2016 Construction Forecast

Building Design + Construction Magazine recently posted an article written by Tocci CFO, Bud... Read More [+]

Bacterial Colocation

Colocation is a remarkable tool used to bring the project team together. Unfortunately, with... Read More [+]

Cold Weather Concrete

Starting a construction project in late fall is never easy. Combine a late fall... Read More [+]

The Scoop: What Did Your #snowday Look Like?

Many people on the East Coast experienced some stormy weather this week and more... Read More [+]

Team Strategies for Prefabrication

A key principle of lean implementation is to put people first. That wasn’t lost... Read More [+]

Designing for Prefabrication

A key difference between prefabrication and modular, as highlighted by DPR Construction at the... Read More [+]

Rebuilding an Innovative Industry

“ is more like growing a garden. Investment. Tending. Patience. You don’t do... Read More [+]

Did the Recession Optimize the Whole?

“The crisis was wasted in the sense that it hardly mobilized the industry in... Read More [+]

The Survivors are the Fittest

”In the world of Lonely BIM (to use one of John Tocci’s terms ),... Read More [+]

Hockey and Cost Engineering: Two Full-Contact Sports

Sports clichés are so overused in business that I hesitated to even think about... Read More [+]

Motorcycling Makes Team Players

John and I ride a lot together, which is to say, I rarely ride... Read More [+]

Micro Colo – Strategies for Smaller Projects

Many small project teams look at large colocation room setups and think, “Colocation isn’t... Read More [+]

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